ESA or Emotional Support Animal is different from service animals. ESA is not a pet or restricted by species. Any kind of animal that offers comfort, well-being, and support to a person through companionship and affection is called an ESA. People with mental or emotional disabilities are exempted from specific travel and federal housing rules if they have an ESA. However, they will need a valid emotional animal support letter from a qualified healthcare provider stating that the specific animal is offering its owner emotional support during their disabilities.

The ESA plays the role of companion allowing its owner to enjoy a comfortable and normal life as much as is practically possible. There is no need for the ESA to undergo extensive training but is more like your regular pets. It needs to be obedient and reveal good behavior especially in many public and private areas, where regular pets are usually banned. If an ESA displays aggressive or overtly loud behavior, then its owner will be asked legally to leave or vacate the premises.

Three main laws associated with ESA ownership

  • The ADA or Americans With Disabilities Act
  • The ACAA or Air Carrier Access Act
  • The FHA or Fair Housing Act

What is an ESA letter application like? Where to get your ESA letter?

You will need a signed letter from a licensed psychiatrist to apply for an ESA letter. The letter has to state the details of your physical or mental sufferings. Besides, the doctor will also state how access to an ESA will be helpful in your condition. The application can be conducted online or in person. Research and read the ESA doctors review before approaching for a written ESA letter.

Check the letter contents to confirm its legitimacy

  • The copy has been written on the letterhead of the mental health professional. All the verifiable contact information must be there on the letterhead.
  • The up to date details about the patient’s mental health must be described.
  • The letter must also contain the expiry date of the potential physician’s license.
  • The issue date and expiration date [less than one year from issuance] must be contained in the letter.
  • The type of animal must also be stated along with its name and certificate ID number.

If ESA letter is bought online ensure that the healthcare provider offering services are licensed. Once you obtain a valid ESA letter, your support animal can travel with you in all the carriers. Even the housing facilities with a ‘No Pets’ policy will allow you to stay with your pet with a legitimate ESA letter.