For people who are tired of the monotonous routine and same old schedules would definitely engage themselves in some adventurous activities. Rock climbing is one of the interesting ways to infuse spark in your daily life. Another benefit of indulging in this activity is that it makes you fit and healthy. Still not convinced?

Check out a few more reasons why you must make rock climbing to add excitement to your boring routine.


So, the first and foremost reason to perform rock climbing is that it does not cost you a lot of money.

You need to spend on the following things:

  • Good quality shoes and
  • Membership to a climbing gym at the place you reside

Only this much is the expense that you need to do. Compared to other adventurous sports, this activity will be light on your pocket and gives you an abundance of fun at the same time.

With 38 000 sq. ft facility, Bloc Shop is a leading bouldering playground area in Canada that serves beginners, fitness buffs and elite climbers alike.

Best way to workout

For those, who feel working out in the gym not less than a punishment will find Bloc Shop rock climbing Montreal a pleasurable and fun-filled activity. It is a full-body workout that exercises all parts of the body without drowning in sweat, gasping for air or struggling with severe muscle pain. Thus, inclusion of rock climbing in your lifestyle is a great way to work out each and every area of the body.

Different from the boring workout regime

Have you got tired and bored doing the same type of workout over and over again? Do you feel you have started lacking interest in your workout due to no newness in it? You should try a different workout style.

According to research, it was found that people who participated in a variety of exercise patterns in their workout regimen were more likely to stick to their workout regime. Rock climbing is one of the effective ways that not just add some newness to the workout routine but also is effective way to lose excess weight or get more toned appearance.

Try switching to rock climbing once a week to get back your lost motivation and improve your workouts.


Rock climbing is one of the best ways to create an exciting past time. You can do it alone or with your group of friends to make it more thrilling and enjoyable experience.