Nowadays, we are too used to using our mobile phones and the first thing we do is save all the numbers. There was a time when we used to remember all the important numbers but nowadays no one does that because life has become really very easy and convenient. So, it is our habit that we totally depend on our mobile phones.

We are totally handicapped without our phones. Now, if that is the case, let it be that way but you should keep in mind that there are few things or a few numbers which are really very important. You might face numerous problems and that’s when you need these numbers.

For example, if you have a water leakage problem in your house then for your water leakage solution you will need a particular person’s number, who can come and help you with the water leakage solution. Hence, don’t be too calm and forget to keep these numbers in your logbook. Keep these for your emergency purposes.

  1. Firstly, you should have the local fire department’s number in your logbook. Do not forget to keep this safely in your logbook because this is really very important and everyone must have this.
  2. Secondly, keep the number of your local police department. This is also one of the most important numbers because if you face any kind of problem while you are outside your home then this is the number you will require to contact.
  3. Thirdly, make sure you have the water department’s number. Remember that they can even help you with all the water supply problem you face. You should definitely contact them and keep their number safe.
  4. Fourthly, make sure you have the power company’s number safe. You have to be very careful with the power supply of your place. So, whether you have any other number or not make sure you have their number safe. Save their number first in your logbook.
  5. Keep the number of any of the nearby hospitals. During any kind of emergency, you have to contact them because only they will be able to help you, so make sure you have their number too.
  6. Also, keep all the helpful numbers safe and sound because you will need their help if you face any kind of domestic problems. Even for your water leakage solution, you will need their help, so make sure you keep their numbers in your logbook.
  7. Even remember to keep the number of an ambulance in your logbook. It is important though we don’t pay attention to its importance.

These are the most important numbers which everyone should have in their logbook because these numbers are extremely important and you shouldn’t neglect them. If you remember the numbers by heart then that is extremely good but still, for any kind of emergency purposes keep their number in your logbook. If you face any kind of problem or inconvenience, you can contact them.