We live in a changing world. The threat of global warming grows more and more serious with each passing day. We are destroying our planet, not giving it a chance to rejuvenate. That is why the use of non-renewable resources has to stop. There are many aspects of our life that non-renewable resources are used. One is in the home. Not only do we use non-renewable energy to fuel our homes, we also use non-renewable materials to build our homes. This has led to a growing concern. As populations rise, the need for more housing grows. There will be a serious problem if each of these houses is built with the same non-renewable material. Therefore, it is time to come up with a solution. Many people have been using timber inside, and outside, their homes as a way to reduce their non-renewable usage. Timber is renewable resource so long as it is felled sustainably. The sustainable felling of timber involves planting a certain number of trees for every one tree you cut down. This way, the timber will rejuvenate, and the world will not be damaged.

Outdoor Use

Timber can be a durable material. This is why people are using hardwood in Brisbane to make the best of patios and decks. You can be guaranteed quality if you use a hardwood timber on any project that you have in mind outside. If you coat the timber with protective materials, it can last for many years. Not only is the hardwood timber very durable, but it is also extremely aesthetic. Therefore, you can save the planet in style by choosing timber over other non-renewable materials.

Inside the Home

Timber inside the house adds a very particular feeling. First of all, the smell of the fresh timber when you install it is to die for. As well as this, the look of wooden interiors is often very cozy. It makes you feel like you are in a log cabin. All you want to do is snuggle in front of a warm hearth. These are the reasons why you should consider installing timber in your house today, you will not regret it!

Global warming needs to be taken seriously. If it is not, there will be terrible implications for the whole of humanity. This is not worth thinking about. Do your part in the fight against climate change. Every small change can have a huge impact.