When asked about Estate Agents in Kensal Rise, most people consider them to just be a ‘salesperson’ that is there to show them around a property and, try to ‘upsell’ the property whilst they are being shown around, often wishing that they could be left alone to check things and to converse in peace.

Much more than a ‘just’ a salesperson

Granted, the role of an estate agent is, essentially, to tell you all of the wonderful things about a property in the hope that you will make the purchase and, you can’t blame them, it is their job after all. However, you can turn the tables and use your agent to get to know the real history behind the property you are considering purchasing.

Take the reigns

Before you decide to buy a house, look for a recommended estate agent in Kensal Rise, make sure you ask the proper questions of the estate agent. Estate agents are legally required to tell the truth about any issues with the property, which might be the difference between purchasing a dream house and purchasing a money pit.

Economical truth

If you don’t ask enough relevant questions, then you might never know about potential future issues and whilst Estate agents are required to give truthful answers, if you don’t ask, they you may never know until it’s too late. If you receive the answer, “not that I know of” that probably means yes to something that will cause you a problem later on so get it checked out.