Medium-sized dog breeds include the bulldog, Border collie, poodle, beagle, and Labrador retriever, among others. Using a harness designed to avoid tugging can make walks much more pleasant for you and your dog. You’ll both feel more at ease and fulfilled as a consequence of this. We believe there is no better walking and training tool than a harness, but it may be difficult to go through the many options and choose the one that is best for you. Hence, we thought it would be useful to put together this guide that details all you need to know to obtain your medium-sized dog the best no-pull harness possible.

What to Look for

We’ll review what a no-pull harness is and how to choose the right one for a medium-sized dog in a moment, but first let’s go back over what we just covered. Investing in a Holistapet’s no pull harness for dogs designed to minimise tugging if your dog has a tendency to drag you along on walks will help reduce some of the frustration you may feel. Using a harness that prevents pulling can help you maintain greater control of your dog while also teaching it how to walk properly. A no-pull harness usually consists of a front clip, a chest buckle, and a clip behind the dog’s front legs.

Quality of the Source Material

If your dog is wearing anything that looks to be bothering him, he won’t be able to acquire proper gait. When buying a harness for your dog, you should think about how the material will feel on its skin. How gentle is the touch? If that’s the case, then it makes sense to act accordingly. In addition, the D-ring where the leash is fastened should be made of metal wherever possible.


We’ll get more into the issue of getting a good harness fit in the following section, but it’s important to note that adaptability is closely related to it. In addition to taking your measurements, selecting an adjustable no-pull harness will allow you to have the best possible, custom fit. A harness shouldn’t be excessively tight or too loose in its fitting. As a result, there is a possibility that it will be ineffective or, worse, harmful.

Simplicity of Use

While first learning how to use a Holistapet’s no pull harness for dogs, it is crucial to make things as easy as possible. You need a design that gives special attention to your ease of use. As a consequence of this adjustment, you and your dog will have a greater want to go for walks. Your dog may refuse to wear a harness if it is difficult to put on him.