When your workplace tends to be on the loud side, you will want to implement measures to help you manage your office’s noise levels. You can do many things to help you control the noise levels and ensure a comfortable workplace for your business that enables your workers to be productive. It is ideal to use these measures in large and open-plan offices and busy call centres where noise levels can be high. Below are some ways to better manage the noise in your office space and create the best possible workplace for your business and its employees.

Soundproof Your Walls

An excellent place to start is with the walls of your office and install sound-proof plasterboard that can help absorb noise and help you manage it better. The plasterboard is simple to install and also offers additional thermal insulation, and once it is up, it is ready for you to add the finishing touches with paint or wallpaper. How you decorate the walls of your office can also play a role in managing noise levels and helping to absorb sound.

Decorate Your Walls With Wallpaper

You can also use textured wallpaper on your walls when decorating, which can help absorb sound and make your office space more comfortable. You may need to use the services of a professional decorator, and you may be surprised at the difference that it can make in the noise levels in your office.

Use Soft Flooring Materials

Many large offices will use laminate or other hard flooring materials, as they are simple to clean and maintain. However, they can also increase echo and the overall noise level in your office, so using a softer material, such as carpet, is much better. You can also use a soundproofing underlay for your carpet to give you additional acoustic insulation.

Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Another option to consider is replacing the ceiling tiles in your suspended ceiling with acoustic tiles, which can help absorb sound and make it a more comfortable working environment. There is often no need to change the structure of the suspended ceiling, and as long as the spacing is the same, you can swap the ceiling tiles out for acoustic ones.

Break Up The Space In Your Office

You can also use office partitions to break the space up in your office and help reduce the volume of noise in the workplace. You can use various types of partitions, but an excellent choice is using double-glazed partitions. The benefit of using these is that they provide thermal and acoustic insulation and maximise your office’s natural light. However, other options are available for office partitions, and you can click here to see some available options.

Make Your Office Green

Something else you can do to help reduce the noise levels in your office space is to have lots of flowers and plants that absorb sound. There are other benefits to having plants, such as increasing the attention span of your workers and their happiness, which can also help increase their productivity. If you are worried about them dying, you can always opt for artificial plants, which have been shown to have the same effect on the workspace and employees.