Many new parents get quite anxious about taking care of their new born baby. It’s really not easy, and there are a number of different things that you need to learn. One of the things that you need to learn is how to properly swaddle your baby. Swaddling has been around for a long while, with many considering it as an ancient practice. Babies need to be kept as snug as possible during their first few months, and as is natural, many babies feel warmth and security when they are properly wrapped in a blanket.

A swaddling blanket has proper leg space, so it doesn’t wrap awkwardly around the baby. Swaddling helps babies feel safe and secure. It is a common practice that has been around in many cultures for centuries, and is widely adopted as a method for sleeping. Parents find that swaddling is a great way to make the baby calm and relaxed, and it helps soothe them. If your child is crying excessively, swaddling is just what they might need. However, to properly swaddle your baby, you will need to purchase a swaddle blanket. You can get your baby swaddle from Bebitza, which is a fantastic choice for parents who want relaxing blankets. If you are looking to buy new swaddle blankets for your baby, here are a few things that you should know.


If you buy a blanket that’s made from an abrasive fabric, it’s only going to hurt your baby. It’s important that you buy a swaddling blanket that’s made from soft fabric, such as muslin. Muslin is a cotton fabric of plain weave and is available in various kinds of sheeting. Swaddling blankets are generally made from high quality muslin or cotton because it’s so soft to touch. The fabric should be soft and comfortable, so make sure you check it yourself before wrapping it around your baby.


Using a conventional blanket for swaddling, while common, is ill-advised. First of all, a conventional blanket limits movement in the legs, which can hamper development. Proper swaddling blankets have spaces for the legs, so the baby’s legs remain free. They have breathable leg spaces which allows the child to curl up in the natural “frog” position. This is important as it helps prevent dysplasia in children.


You might want to consider buying swaddling blankets that are available in various colour patterns and choices. Exposing your child to different colours from an early age will help in their development. The fitting of the blanket is something that you need to check very carefully. If the blanket keeps getting undone or is too loose, it’s not going to give your baby the feeling of security, which is ultimately the whole purpose of swaddling. Of course, you need to check whether the blankets are easy to clean and wash as well. These are just a few things that you need to check when buying a swaddle blanket.