When planning a move, hiring removalists in Melbourne can be a great decision to help make the process smoother and more efficient. While most people are aware that removalists can assist with packing and transporting belongings, many may not be aware of the additional services they can offer. If you’re considering using a removalist but you’re not sure if they’ll provide you with true value for money, this article will detail five additional services that removalists can provide to make your move easier.

 Packing & Unpacking Services

One of the most time-consuming aspects of moving is packing and unpacking all of your belongings. Many removalists offer professional packing and unpacking services, which can save you a significant amount of time and effort. Removalists are typically trained in packing techniques that ensure your items are protected during the move, reducing the risk of damage. They can also help you unpack and organise your new home, allowing you to settle in your new space and get back to your routine more quickly.

 Storage Solutions

Sometimes, there may be a gap between moving out of your old home and into your new one. In these situations, removalists in Melbourne often offer storage solutions to keep your belongings safe and secure until you’re ready to move them into your new home. This can be particularly useful if you’re downsizing or if your new home isn’t ready for occupation yet. Removalists can provide both short-term and long-term storage options, ensuring your items are well-protected until you need them again.

 Disassembly & Reassembly of Furniture

Large, bulky furniture can be challenging to move and may require disassembly to fit through doorways and tight spaces. Many removalists offer disassembly and reassembly services as part of their moving package. They have the expertise and tools necessary to safely take apart and put back together furniture items such as beds, wardrobes and dining tables. This service can save you time and prevent potential damage to your furniture during the moving process.

Specialised Handling of Fragile or Valuable Items

If you have delicate, fragile or valuable items that require extra care during the move, removalists in Melbourne can provide specialised handling services. This may include custom packing materials, protective padding and secure transportation methods to ensure your items are well-protected throughout the move. Examples of items that may require specialised handling include artwork, antiques, musical instruments and delicate electronics.

 Vehicle & Pet Relocation

In addition to moving your belongings, some removalists also offer vehicle and pet relocation services. This can be particularly helpful if you’re moving interstate and need assistance transporting your car, motorbike or other vehicle. Removalists can arrange for your vehicle to be safely transported to your new location, saving you the time and effort of driving it yourself. Similarly, some specialist removalists can help coordinate the safe and comfortable transportation of pets across long distances, ensuring they arrive at your new home with minimal stress.


Removalists in Melbourne can offer a wide range of additional services to make your move easier. From packing and unpacking to storage solutions and specialised handling, these professionals can take care of every aspect of your move, allowing you to focus on settling into your new home.