If you own a car, then you are ultimately responsible for what happens whilst you are in the car. Even if, you aren’t driving, but you’ve got the relevant insurance and have given consent to somebody else to drive your car. Either way, you need to be paying attention at all times, even more so, if you are not in control of the wheel.

An accident

When it comes to car accidents, there are very few that are true accidents, there is usually somebody to blame. As you might expect, the biggest reason for any kind of collision is simply, a lack of due care and attention, sad really because that means that the majority of ‘accidents’ could be avoided if the driver is paying full attention at all times.

Lifelong consequences

A serious car accident will often cause serious harm and cost a lot of money to put right, if one or more of the people involved are incapacitated then they will suffer for a lifetime. Some of the local mobility shops have said that, they have customers who have had to enquire about new stairlifts in Luton because of a collision that has left them unable to move properly to the extent that they can’t even make it up their own stairs of their own accord.

Think about others

If you don’t care about your own health then at least consider the health of those around you and that you could be the very reason why somebody is unable to live a ‘normal’ life.