US Health Group is a fully integrated insurance holding company that operates through its licensed insurance companies. It offers innovative Life, Specified Disease/Sickness, and Accident coverage solutions for individuals and small businesses.

Freedom Life Insurance has a slimmed-down term policy that is simple to cancel. They do not offer whole or universal life policies or care riders like accelerated death benefits.

Term Life Insurance

The Freedom Life Insurance Company offers a term policy that covers ten years and can be renewed to age 70. However, unlike other companies that provide multiple-term policies and whole or universal life policies with add-ons like accelerated death benefits, there is no option to enhance or customize your coverage through Freedom Life.

The LifeProtector policy also does not include an accelerated death benefit rider for chronic or terminal illness, a typical endorsement other companies offer. However, US Health Group’s parent company has various other insurance options, including health, dental, and vision insurance and Medicare Advantage plans.

Freedom Life may be worth considering if you need a simple plan to meet your financial needs. However, most people will want to look at other companies that have a more comprehensive range of policy choices and a greater number of add-ons. This is particularly true for those who need a permanent or whole-life policy that can grow cash value over time.

Final Expense Insurance

Final expense insurance may be an option if you want to cover your funeral expenses or other end-of-life costs. Also known as burial insurance or funeral coverage, this type of life insurance typically has a lower death benefit and a more straightforward application process than traditional whole life insurance policies.

Some policies include a beneficiary clause where you can leave instructions on allocating your benefits. It would help if you chose someone with an insurable interest (who could benefit financially or emotionally from your continued existence) to act as your beneficiary.

Some final expense insurance policies are guaranteed issues, which means you can qualify without a medical exam or health questions. This is ideal if you have poor health or are concerned about getting approved for life insurance. One example is the RAPI Decision Guaranteed Issue from Fidelity Life.

Critical Illness Insurance

US Health Group offers several critical illness plans. These are not life insurance policies and do not meet the ACA’s definition of minimum essential coverage. The company is rated A- by A.M. Best and is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. They offer a simple policy choice with no add-ons, and canceling the plan is easy.

When a critical illness strikes, it can disrupt your dreams and wipe out your savings. These plans pay a lump-sum benefit to help manage out-of-pocket expenses so you can focus on getting well. A licensed agent can help you decide which coverage suits your needs.

Disability Insurance

Freedom Life Insurance’s parent company, US Health Group (a UnitedHealthcare company), offers a full range of insurance products. Their licensed insurance company subsidiaries, including Freedom Life Insurance Company of America and National Foundation Life Insurance Company, offer innovative individual Life, Specified Disease/Sickness, Accident, and Disability insurance plans designed to help protect your financial security for the long term.

Individual disability insurance is an excellent option for those who do not receive employer-based coverage or want to add extra coverage to their existing policy. In addition, this type of plan is portable, meaning it stays with you even if you change jobs.