Currently, it is very common for us to spend several hours a day standing in the same positions. This is why it is so common to complain of body aches after a long day at work. One of the causes of this is sedentary behavior, which weakens the muscles. Lack of movement also reduces your flexibility, meaning it decreases your ability to move.

As well as having a good diet, physical activity done in centers like hot ground gym for instance is essential to avoid illness. Organs like the heart and lungs depend on it to function well. Therefore, it is common for people with hypertension to have a history of sedentary behavior. Another issue is weight control. Especially when food is unbalanced, lack of activities can lead to overweight. This is a risk factor for other health problems like diabetes.

Physical activities contribute a lot to having more energy and vigor in your daily life. Everyday movements, such as climbing a flight of stairs, generate less fatigue. Also, these moments can be used to release stress.

All these habit changes reflect in different ways on mental health. One of the main benefits is the release of chemical substances capable of generating a feeling of well-being in the brain, such as endorphins. In addition, you improve your self-esteem as you notice the development of your body and your abilities.

Is There A Difference Between Activity And Exercise?

Although it is common to use exercise and physical activity as synonyms, these two practices are quite different. All everyday actions that require effort are considered physical activities, even short walks or sweeping the house.

Exercises are done to work the body. Therefore, they are usually classes, sports, or training with a defined frequency and time. Preferably, this modality should be done with the guidance of a professional to avoid injuries. Therefore, the practice of exercise can bring much better results than an increase in daily physical activity.

How To Start Exercising?

It is necessary to do at least 150 minutes of moderate activities or 75 minutes of intense activities per week. It may sound not easy, but it means doing half an hour of walking 5 days a week. Or play a high-intensity sport once or twice a week.

The first step is to avoid spending more than an hour sitting. Stretches are a simple way to move your body in the short 10-minute intervals you have in your routine. For those with children, even certain games can help a lot. As already mentioned, changing the elevator for the stairs and starting to walk longer distances are also included in this account.

To motivate yourself to exercise, it is essential to choose a pleasurable modality for you. Having friends or colleagues who do this activity also helps keep you motivated. Finally, it is essential to seek the guidance of a professional such as hot ground gym. In the case of older people or adults with chronic illnesses, monitoring with a doctor is essential to avoid activities that require excessive effort.

It is especially important for children to be physically active and sports are a great way for that. If your child is interested in sports and you want to help, please see the resource below.

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