We love our gardens, but sometimes we pay so much attention to the plants and neglect other details like the driveway and walks. A beautiful driveway can make a nice garden into a showpiece. There are some lovely options available now for paving that are so much better than plain concrete or asphalt. And if you also do your walkways, your garden will come to life.

  • Pavers: No matter where it is applied, good paving stones always have an elegant look. Today there are more choices than ever for paving stone styles, and there are also more creative ways to apply and combine them with other pavers or concrete. If you are considering options for paving and driveways in Tamworth, paving stones are an excellent
  • Concrete Patterning and Stamping: Concrete is the most popular choice for driveway surfaces, but a plain grey slab is the most boring thing possible. Fortunately, you don’t have to settle for grey. Concrete can be tinted, and beyond that, it can be imprinted with patterns to look like stone or pavers. Work of this type should be left to experts; it takes a lot of skill and experience to do it right.
  • Epoxy Finishes: Another way to dress up concrete is with epoxy finishes. It used to be popular to finish concrete surfaces with exposed aggregate; it is sometimes called pebblecrete. The problem with it was that it broke down easily, but with the addition of an epoxy topcoat. You can have that look, and it will be long-lasting too. There are many other choices available for epoxy topcoats as well.

Whatever you choose, make sure you hire an established contractor to carry out the work.