Companies that specialize in hoarder cleaning understand the challenges associated with hoarding. They can declutter and organize a home that is overrun with clutter and debris. Working with a professional company that specializes in hoarder cleanup, you can expect non-judgmental and compassionate support as well as guidance on how to address the underlying causes.

What is the Hoarder Cleaning Process?

Professional hoarding cleaning is a service that involves the removal and organization of clutter from the home or office of a person who has accumulated excessive amounts. This process usually involves several steps.

  1. Assessment: Assessing the situation is the first step to hoarding cleaning. A professional hoarding cleaning team will assess the home in order to determine the extent and type of clutter, and identify any health and safety risks, such as pests, pet waste, or structural damage.
  2. Planning The team responsible for cleaning up hoarding will create a plan. This plan will detail the steps to remove extreme clutter and debris as well as special considerations.
  3. Sorting: Next, you will need to categorize and sort the clutter. The hoarding cleaning team will work closely with the individual in order to determine what items can be donated or discarded.
  4. Removal The hoarding cleaning team will remove all the clutter and debris. The crews are trained to dispose of hazardous materials and will ensure that items are disposed of according to local regulations.
  5. Cleaning: Once the clutter is removed, the hoarding cleanup crew will clean and organize your home. The team will clean the area, remove any debris, and organize the items that remain.
  6. After-care: The hoarding cleanup team provides follow-up support after the cleanup to ensure the individual can maintain cleanliness and order in their home. This can include regular check-ins or counseling.

Recycling or Donating Unwanted Items

The hoarding cleanup process is not complete without recycling or donating unwanted objects. In lieu of throwing away everything, items that are still in good shape can be repurposed and donated to those who need them. Recycling can also reduce the amount that is disposed of in landfills. The hoarder can feel a sense of accomplishment and purpose by using this method. It can be satisfying to donate items, knowing that they will help others. Hoarding cleaning specialists can help with the proper disposal and recycling of unwanted items.

What to Throw Away?

It can be difficult to throw away items no one wants during the hoarding cleanup process. Often, however, it is necessary to discard items that are no longer valuable or safe. Hoarding disorder may cause people to place a high value on sentimental items, even if they are not valuable. This can make it difficult to let them go. A team of experienced professionals can offer support and guidance to help ensure unwanted items are disposed of safely and responsibly. Letting go of some items is a great way to reduce clutter and improve your living space.

Consideration for Safety

When dealing with the cleanup of a hoarding, safety is a crucial part that shouldn’t be ignored. If you are choosing a company for your project, ensure that they adhere to all safety guidelines and prioritize safety. It includes the proper protective gear for themselves and their client, the proper furniture disposal technique adhering to local regulations, and avoiding hazardous debris in high-traffic areas inside and outside your entire home.

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