The cost is the most important factor while we proceed to receive any kind of services, facilities or treatment. It weighs much attention when we are looking for surgical treatment, especially with the hair transplant procedure.

The hair transplant in India offers the budget cost of the procedure that is suited to every economic group of the people. The hair transplant cost in India generally comes between Rs 2-3 lakhs that is easily available to the economic class of the masses. The procedure strength is rated on the basis of a number of grafts used in the procedure; therefore, the grafts are counted as the most basic factor to determine the hair transplant cost in India. The procedure of hair transplant is the most sophisticated plastic & cosmetic surgery requires extreme precision and skills in order to receive the best cosmetic benefit of the surgery. The hair transplant surgery is basically a costly affair that requires not only an expert surgeon to do the task, but it must be performed in the reputed hair transplant clinic. The clinic that is committed to delivering the best and authentic hair transplant surgery must be equipped with modern technology and facilities, which automatically accelerate the cost of the procedure.

There are many deciding factors that influence the cost of the hair transplant surgery and thus it must be taken into consideration while choosing the hair transplant surgery.

The most basic factors that decide the cost of hair transplant in India are as follows:

  1. The Number of Grafts: The number of grafts primarily affects the cost of the procedure. The hair root or graft that describes the need for covering the respective balding areas influences the cost of the procedure. The number of grafts is required in a particular session actually explores the need for the recipient areas and so the cost of the procedure is decided. Per graft cost in India basically ranges from 25-140 INR/ that is different for both the FUT as well as FUE technique. When a patient is affected by a very bigger grade of baldness, the need for graft number would be increased and thus the cost of the procedure is accelerated.
  2. Country or Location: It comes as an external factor that decides the cost of the surgery. Country or location has a prime role in deciding the cost of the surgery. However, it is determined first while proceeding to select the destination for receiving the hair restoration surgery. The hair transplant in India is a lesser cost decision compared to the procedure received in western world countries, i.e., USA, UK or UAE. How clinic affects the cost of the procedure that can be explained with the equipment used by the clinic, licensing, board-certification, facility concern, the standard measure, maintenance, and other utilities cost that accelerates the cost of the hair transplant procedure. However, the clinic maintenance is rated on the top while considering the cost of the procedure.
  3. Need & Demand: The need to receive hair transplant surgery is increasing day-by-day because of the increasing number of hair loss cases. The need for hair transplant surgery increases with the number of hair loss cases as the patient genetically influences by the issue of hair loss problem. As much as the need for hair graft is increased to cover the respective balding grade, the cost of the procedure is increased.
  4. The Expertise of the Surgeon: If the performing surgeon is board-certified and recognized one, obviously the cost of the procedure would be increased. The surgeon having both the aesthetic as well as the surgical sense charges a higher cost of the procedure. The surgeon must possess the MS and M Ch degree along with the expertise in performing the procedure with the utmost aesthetic talent. The surgeon having the international certificates and membership from a number of reputed hair transplants’ society’s help in achieving the best outcome of the surgery. However, the cost of the procedure directly influences by the expertise of the surgeon. The more experienced the surgeon is, the more is the cost charged for the patients. The hair transplant surgeon should possess the required accreditations & degrees as well as practical exposure that help in meeting the goal of the hair transplant surgery.
  5. The Certified Clinic: The clinic must be a recognized one where one can get the best hair transplant services. The clinics that offer the standard facilities and measure provide the best result of the surgery. The clinic has a board-certificates or international recognition is committed to offering the best authentic result of the procedure. The certification is such a stable assurance that claims the profile of the clinic and also ensures us about the best results of the surgery. The clinic equipped with the advanced facilities and care along with the cutting-edge technology weighs the hair transplant cost primarily.
  6. The Expert team: The team who performs the hair transplant surgery at a particular clinic if having the expertise in performing the technique must accelerate the cost of the procedure. The cost of the procedure directly influenced by the team who performs the task of the surgery. Every surgeon works with a team of technicians who help in managing the task associated with the procedure. The technicians who perform the task of the hair root dissection process must have more than 7-8 years of experience in the same field so that he could be able to decide the survival of grafts after the dissection with utmost precision and concern. The expert team is directly associated with the task-related the surgery and their proficiency in doing the same acknowledged about the success of the restoration procedure.


In the nutshell, we can say that the cost of hair transplant surgery is affected by both the extrinsic as well as intrinsic factors associated with hair transplant surgery. The procedure strength is rated on the basis of a number of hair roots that are extracted in a particular session of hair transplants as per graft rated in the procedure collectively put the cost of the surgery.