Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes that students and their parents alike make within the college search process is believing that there is only one school that offers everything necessary and checks every box. The pressure to get into a top college is already immense enough, why increase that pressure by only thinking one school is the ‘perfect’ fit? Parents must take the focus off college ranking and toward choosing a college that’s a good match for their child’s future.  There will not be a 100% perfect solution. Every student will have classes in which they succeed and those in which they struggle. College is generally more challenging than high school, and persistence and dedication lead students to success. The child will likely face numerous educational and social difficulties in college. The goal is to find an option that provides a generally positive and supportive educational climate in which the child feels challenged and valued. Hoping to learn more about how to approach the college search process in such a way that prioritizes finding the schools that match the description above? Be sure to check out the resource appearing alongside this post.

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