What is the difference between boarding or kennels for dogs is a question you might ask yourself when looking into services for dogs in Australia, intrigued to find out, the purpose of this article is to explain the differences between them.


Traditionally kennels, are a place for your dog to stay because there is nobody suitable to look after them, perhaps you are going on a business trip, going on holiday or have to take time away from your usual schedule for other reasons, a means to an end until you are able to take care of them again.

The conversation might go a little something like, ‘Where will be put the dogs whilst we are on holiday? Ah, let’s just stick them in the kennels until we get back’. Sure, they will be housed, fed and watered, the basics are all that is required.


Boarding is a completely different ‘ball game’ and could be referred to as the ‘superior’ choice. A perfect example would be for dog training or specialist training whereby they need to be taken away from their usual environment whilst the training regime takes place. Sydney has some of the best facilities available, have a look for yourself by searching for dog boarding in Sydney, you’ll get a good idea of the services available in no time at all.

Boarding is certainly not somewhere to just ‘stick’ your dog and hope for the best, a lot of time and consideration needs to be put into the process. A process like this would be an investment of which you would want the best possible results.


There a whole host of services available when looking into kennels or boarding, kennels tend to be very basic offering a ‘needs must solution’ where as boarding opens up a world of opportunity, the biggest service probably being dog training, furthermore there are specific types of training on offer depending on your needs.

The most comprehensive boarding providers offer standard training, perhaps not so ‘standard’ if you have ever tried to train your dog…. Guard dog training, Protection training and even Immobilization training for any unwanted visitors.

Think about your dog.

Whichever service you are interested in, do try to think about your dog first, only too often motives can be centred around the owner and what they want rather than thinking about the dog first. Ironically, people found that, if they put the animal first, then they tended to get better results when it was time to put things into practice.